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Lloyd Brooks went above and beyond! He Rocks!

Nicole & Hay Foster

"It was a pleasure to work with you and Nick Sullivan. Nick was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and responsive. Thanks to you both, we’re living in our dream home!”

Justin & Katherine Conlon      9/6/16

"Paul’s experience showed through the advise he gave and how he took care of all details in my house being sold.”

Susan Warcewicz                     9/7/16

 “Jen Sharp was AMAZING! She was on top of everything and made sure I was well informed and completely aware of all that was happening! Thanks Jenn!”

Brett Beliver                                                                     July, 2016

Jen Sharp is a real terrific real estate agent, was very happy with her!”

 Alex Amore                                                             June, 2016

“Christy Ramos was absolutely amazing – always accessible and going far and above. We could not have done this without her!!! We will recommend her to everyone we know!”

Liesl Grebenstein & Doug Sheehan                     June,  2016

"Even when away Carrie Anderson was amazingly available and always answered any questions I had. She is amazing!"

Brian Earnshaw & Crystal Reed   June, 2016


"I cannot speak highly enough of Carrie, she was absolutely fantastic. “Always” going above and beyond for us. We definitely received her full attention at all time during our time together. Thank you again!"

Kevan & Jane Bartley                                              May, 2016


“Chris was a big help with an out of state sale of my home. Nice guy!"

Argentina LeBretton                                                 April, 2016


“Christy Ramos went above and beyond the call of duty to make this process smooth and painless.”

William Zhu                                                              April, 2016     

“Chris Vasquez helped us sell our home. He was great! He always got right back to us and was very helpful in the process as we moved out of state prior to selling and he took care of everything. We would highly recommend anyone selling their house to consider Chris Vasquez.”

A.L.                                                                           April, 2016

“Carrie Anderson was extremely professional and exceeded all of our expectations. We would certainly recommend her to our friends and family!

Justin DePinto & Kim Twining                                    April, 2016


"It was a pleasure working with Paul Consoli & Jen Sharp!"

Denise Felege                                                           April, 2016


"It was an absolute pleasure working with Barri. She really worked hard for us. Many thanks to her and your company!"

Jennifer Angelini                                                        April,  2016


"This was the best real estate experience that I had. Christie Ramos was and is a Gem! She went way beyond our expectations!"

Dominic & Columbia Pace                                        April, 2016


"We have lived in the area our whole life and we were suddenly having to move half way across the country. Carrie was professional, knowledgeable and responsive, but more importantly she really cared about us and how we were dealing with the whole process of selling our house and making such a big move. Carrie aggressively listed our house which is what we needed and in less than 3 weeks it was sold. Carrie checked in with us throughout the whole process even after the closing was complete. Carrie made the process stress free. If we had to do it again we would hire Carrie hands down."

 S. Wormald                                                              March, 2016


“Paul Consoli is extremely professional. He met with us to review our property, comparable; sales reviewed his role and quite literally walked us through the entire sales process. He provided the support we needed and more!”                                                                                        

Dale & Francine Buckley                                           February, 2016


 “Carrie Anderson was absolutely fabulous! I highly recommend her, she was very helpful to me going thru a tough time closing, I don’t know what I would have done without her help and perseverance.”

Debbie DiMarco                                                         February, 2016


"Ginger was extremely nice, we enjoyed working with her. Couldn’t have asked for a better agent."                                                 

David O’Blenis & Samantha Penta                            December, 2015


"10 Stars to Lou Fossarelli, I purchased my condo, then Lou sold my four family and purchased another condo for investment! The office staff is the best - helpful, professional, courteous and accommodating - each time"

Maria & Emil Papa                                                     December. 2015


“Carrie was wonderful, I would highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling! 5 Stars!

Trevor Dion                                                                December, 2015


"Chris Vasquez was patient, courteous and provided insight for us. He was attentive and very professional!"

Joe Fanale                                                                 November , 2015


“Carrie was extremely diligent, courteous, organized, upbeat, knowledgeable and forward thinking. She worked with our lawyer and handled everything so we did not need to worry. It was fantastic working with Carrie. Out lawyer told us she was one of the best agents he has worked with – I agree!”

Meredith Albright                                                        November, 2015


“Chris was an excellent sellers agent, his promptness to my texts and questions were beyond what I expected. Also there were some things he took care of that I had let slip and that kind of service is missing today. A job well done! I would highly recommend him and Berkshire Hathaway to anybody looking to sell or buy. I will be looking for a house soon and will be call them.”

Donald Hinckley                                                          November, 2015


“John was excellent handling our property.”

Mrs. Glen DeGryse                                                     October, 2015


“Paul was very helpful from start to finish. He was the ONLY real estate agent that called me back, not only that but within 5 minutes at NIGHT! I was very impressed with the systems his office has in place to assure that everything goes smoothly. It's not like someone that is "kind of" doing real estate to make some quick cash. Paul has been doing this for years, and his experience shows. He sat us down before even signing with him, and took the time to explain, in detail, every step of the process, and made sure we were comfortable in understanding before moving on to the next step. He really went above and beyond and did things that really weren't part of his job description, but did them anyhow just to keep things moving along. Not once did he drop the ball, and trust me, there were a lot of balls in the air, and not much time. I would honestly recommend Paul to anyone looking. We will be using him for all future selling/purchasing. Thanks Paul!”

 Al and Lisa Mucci                                                        October, 2015


"No other realtor had been able to cut through the red tape and get my condo complex FHA approved. Paul worked harder than I ever expected he would contact the original attorney who filed the paperwork over nine years ago in order to get the needed documents. He went above and beyond and I am very grateful for both his and his assistant Nick's hard work.”

Maria Hume                                                                 October, 2015


"Having taken a new job in a community more than 100 miles from my home in Haverhill, I needed to sell my house, hopefully in the most expeditious manner possible. Paul arrived at my home within a few hours of my initial phone call and my house was listed in less than a week. Because Paul and his staff did such a wonderful job showcasing my home, numerous showings were scheduled within hours of the listing; offers were immediate. Once an offer was accepted I was especially grateful to Paul and his staff for taking care of all the details that go into selling a home since I was already 2 hours away starting my new job. From beginning to end, Paul made sure everything was attended to, that all my questions were answered and that my experience was positive.”

Lynne Bielecki                                                              October, 2015


"Tom Lafontaine went above and beyond what I expected from a realtor. He helped me all throughout they buying process and through closing and even beyond! Excellent!"

Carol McKinnon                                                           September, 2015


"Thanks for your help and all your patience John Carver!"

Ilorka Rodriguez                                                          September, 2015


"Our experience with BHHS Ben Consoli Real Estate was very pleasurable. Everyone we spoke with was very helpful and friendly. John Carver was always in contact with us along with Nick Sullivan. It was a pleasure doing business with your firm. Thank you all!

Bob & Kathy Plante                                                       September, 2015


"Jen Sharp was awesome! Always very happy and available with short notice."

Louise Hamilton                                                            August, 2015